It is true that,yes, you can block users on wikia. But we want to make it clear we will not block random users or we will not block newcomers if they make a mistake. Here on the Hindu Temple Wiki, we want a happy and healthy enviorment buzzing with only good feelings. But if we have even a spammer or a vandal, you will be blocked! We know that there have been wikis who spam up wikis and attack the wiki. We will also block if you block any rule many times. The number is not determined but yes there are punishments for disrespecting a wiki. We will also automatically block you if you in anyway attack the hindu temple wiki in a racist or a non civil way. We do not take to those kind of actions nicely. If you even make the attempt or try to do anything above on purpose, then you will be blocked quickley. Aslo if an admin even make a slip up like that then they will be blocked and will lose all of there adminship.

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