The main history of hindu temples is very large. The temples have been used for centuries to worship all the gods in the hindu culture. It is used to be a place for all Hindu people to come together and pray for good thing and good Health. It is a place to relax and slow done and release all the stress. Usually bigger Hindu Temples celebrate many of the Hindu Holidays making it a great place for holiday fun as well. Hindu Temples have been around for many centuries, of course, but some are off limits due to how old they are! They can get very old and from there you can only look at them and admire there beauty. There history is rich in culture, holidays, and teaching all hindus about the gods.

Around The World Temples?Edit

Yes, there are many temples in the world and in many diffrent countries. They are usually set up by the Hindu Society of that city or that state or even that area! The Hindu Temples are usually set in a good place in the place they are in so it is very easy to find one. Some towns and citys don't have them so you may need to go somewhere else to find it or a city nearby.

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