The rules here are simple but must be followed or you might be banned from this wiki itself! Some overview is you must be good here or you will be banned. We have no taken any ideas from other wikis and we don't intend to do so in the future. We also want everyone to be respectful here and not wiki fights or whatnot. Here are the rules

  • No swearing here
  • Stick to this wiki's topic!
  • No racism towards this religion in any way
  • Make sure all pics are appropriate
  • Don't invite people here that do not now anything about this
  • Copying other wiki's article is not allowed on this wiki!
  • Do not spam blogs or pages
  • no spamming
  • no trolling
  • no vandals
  • Keep this place quite!
  • do not make usless things here!
  • Have fun but behave here!
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